The Ultimate Augmented Reality Game

Dive in to an Augmented Reality world, and start an amazing journey with Frank in the search for the truth about his parents.

labARrinth is much more than just a game, it's a complete new experience which will connect your reality with the virtual world. Discover a new way to interact with technology.

About us

Manguito Team

We are a group of developers working on innovation in the mobile environment. We love technology, and are very passionate about the use of augmented reality. labARinth was a great challenge, and we are glad with the results. We hope you love the game just as much as we do.

Jonathan Olvera Nieto

Producer & Project Manager

José María Barquera

Marketing Director

Isaac Cerda Salomón


Carolina León Cruz

Designer / Developer


Begin Frank's Journey

Frank's Journey

Begin Frank's journey, and try to get to the end of each labARinth as fast as you can... if you can make it.

Look beyond what your eyes can see, and discover the mysteries held within each level. You might find some surprises which will help you go further.

Monsters Ahead!

Frank's Journey

Be ware of the monsters ahead! They will come out of nowhere, and try to send you to the afterlife.

It might seem like an easy way to unveil the truth about Frank's parents, but don't forget that the only way to know this, is by getting to the end of your journey.

Look at the time!

Frank's Journey

Make sure you learn all you can during your training, because the time is ticking, and you need to get to the end as fast as possible.

If you run out of time, don't worry, you can use pumpkins to gain more time, but notice that you will get less points if you use up many of them.

Use different weapons!

Frank's Journey

If you want to avoid having to use more pumpkins to get more time, get the different weapons in the store to kill monsters faster. Try out the:

  • - Magic Wand
  • - Ice Wand
  • - Water Wand
  • - Fire Wand
  • - Lightning Wand


Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is the integration of the digital world with our real world.

Unlike virtual reality which creates a complete virtual environment, AR combines our reality with the virtual world creating experiences you've never seen before.

An AR Game?


We are proud to present labARinth as an amazing AR game, which allows you to play in a way you've never played before.

To make it even easier for you to play, we let you define your own target image on which to display each level.

How does it work?

Frank's Journey

labARinth takes place in an AR environment placed wherever you want. Take a look at our video to understand how to do this.

Play Video


If you don't find what you are looking for please contact us.

  • Q. How is this game played?

    This game is played in Augmented Reality (AR). If you do not know what AR is, click here to learn more about it.

  • Q. What is a target image?

    As you can see, this game is played in Augmented Reality. You need a "target image" as a reference in order to stage each level in AR.

  • Q. How do I set the target image?

    Once you click on a level on which to play, you will see how the camera loads with a message saying "PRESS ADD BUTTON". Click on the plus sign at the top right corner.

    A set of instructions will appear, read them, and press OK. Now you will see a button to the right to take a picture to determine the "target image".

    Make sure to hold the device parallel to the target image, and have the camera focused. Use the frame to close up correctly on the image.

    Watch our video tutorial if you need more details on how to do it, or look at it right within the game just before playing the tutorial.Play Video

  • Q. What should I do if the game constantly disappears? What if it isn't stable?

    This problem usually happens when the "target image" you are using does't have enough detail. Use the plus sign at the top right corner to retake the "target image" picture.

    Below are the basic requirements of a good target image:

    • Select images with sharp, spiked, chiseled features.
    • Select images with good contrasts.
    • Make sure the features are well distributed.
    • Avoid organic shapes with soft or round details.
    • Avoid repetitive patterns even when the image contains good features, and distribution.
  • Q. Where can I find good target images?

    We have created some cool target images which you can use, and you can be sure they comply with all the requirements mentioned in the question before.

    You can find these images at our Downloads page.


Here you will find our custom target images to use for a stable gameplay.

labARinth Screenshots

Look at how you will be playing in Augmented Reality!.

Press & Reviews

  • "Cualquier superficie plana con imágenes se puede convertir hoy en día en el nuevo escenario de los videojuegos."

    Claudia Ocaranza Excelsior Page 16 →
  • "I had no idea what augmented reality was until I played this game. You can take a picture of anything you like, and voila, you get yourself a board/background to play on. You have to practice a little to get the hang of it, and once you do, it's great! Would definitely recommend it!"

    Miris13 AppStore Review →
  • "Gran juego ! Me encanto la realidad aumentada, un gran avance en tecnología ! Muchas felicidades por un gran juego."

    Juan Pablo Zertuche AppStore Review →
  • "Por mucho, es uno de los juegos más innovadores que he visto."

    JJ.ON AppStore Review →


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